Shirkent barrier. Historical nature park “Sherkent”

The park is characterized by unique historical geological monuments, the number of which overises over 40 units. Among them there are: geomorphological, lithological, paleontological, tectonic, hydrological, glaciological and historical.

The most considerable in this Park are 3 of different ages dinosaur’s trades locations with the total imprint amount more than 400. Historical monuments include over 50 archeological objects and a few ethnic monuments. Stone age monuments unit ten stay places of primeval people from middle paleolith to neolith.

Animal world of Sherkent park is represented by a great variety of species. More than 30 mammal species including snow leopard, Tian Shan brown bear, stoat, weugel, Siberian goat and others inhabit this area. Ornithological fauna structure of Sherkent Park comprises over 40 species of settled and more than 55 migrates birds. The river is rich with troutIMG_4019 IMG_3946 IMG_3844 IMG_0217 IMG_0179 IMG_0149 IMG_0134 IMG_0127 IMG_0116 IMG_0103 IMG_0088 IMG_0082 IMG_0061 IMG_0026

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