Rock climbing walls of the city of Dushanbe.

Hotel HyattOur city too didn’t stand aside, and we too have rock climbing walls in the city.


1 . The rock climbing wall in park «Poytakht.

 DSC01344 DSC01343 DSC01339

The rock climbing wall height about six meters made of plastic with observance of all euro standards, equipped with points of an intermediate and top insurance (ears).Surface is rough as at rocks is the artificial rock, it is possible to climb without using hooks. On the rock climbing wall 10-15 people at the same time can train. Very high potential for creation of interesting routes. Our club has the arrangement with «Park» administration about carrying out trainings on the rock climbing wall. And certainly not who doesn’t prevent rock-climbers to use from other clubs the exercise machine for the trainings on condition of observance of safety rules.


Rock climbing wall pool Frunze stadium

 DSC04123 DSC04190

Vertical wall about 6 by 3 meter in size.


Bouldering of halls «Garage No. 21»

DSC01915 DSC04612

The rock climbing wall consists of two walls, vertical and walls with a positive bias and also eaves and a ceiling. Arrangement the 92nd residential district, near «Raykhon» restaurant

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