Expedition to the Fedchenko glacier.

High-altitude trekking, a large part of the route passes above 4000 meters.

Definitely the climbing techniques and equipment (link on the right things).

Duration of Dushanbe in Dushanbe 23 days.

Date in 2017. 3.09 — 25.09. read more

Lake Sarez

Lake Sarez was without doubt one of the most beautiful places of Tajikistan. «Sleeping dragon» read more

The peaks of Karl Marx and Friedrich Engels from the South. Approaches and base camp.

Photo report of the Club’s team of «AGBA» about the expedition in Shadra ridge read more


In early July of 2017 Club Team «AGBA» in the Anatoly Sharipov, Simon Krylov , Ramit Senjapov  passed on the more

Trekking in the region of the ridge of Peter the great.The valley of the river Muksu.

The Muksu river originates from glaciers Fedchenko and Big Saukdara. This is one of those places that are on the «edge of the world».….read more

Mountain climbing «Karl Marx peak»

10.08.2018. Team climbers Club «AGBA» in the composition of the

  1. Anatoly Sharipov head of the ascent.
  2. Simon Krylov.Climber.
  3. Vali Inoyatov Climber.
  4. Robert John Climber.                                                                                               Made the ascent to the mountain «PIK Karl Marx» (6700) on the West ridge  4B grade of difficulty .

Pamir. Road M41. Shugnan. Village Mun. January 2019.

On January 22, at the request of «Babylon» our team went to the Pamirs. We returned home on January 29. Hurray!




Альпинизм скалолазание горный туризм в Таджикистане