Архив метки: Hydro-meteorological station Fedchenko

The route to the Fedchenko glacier.Equipment for means of tracking and climbing.

Equipment  for means of tracking and climbing.

Name. Description. Right quantity.
Shoes. https://www.bergzeit.co.uk/la-sportiva-karakorum-evo-gtx-shoes-green-natural-green-natural-44-5/ Pair
Sandals for crossing the river. https://www.bergzeit.co.uk/teva-terra-fi-lite-sandal-guell-black-grey-us8/ 1
Jacket warm. https://www.bergzeit.co.uk/mountain-equipment-dewline-jacket-cosmos-s/ 1
Jacket storm. Size storm jacket should be such that it can be worn over a warm jacket(2)


Storm pants https://www.bergzeit.co.uk/mountain-equipment-karakorum-pants-black-black-m/ 1
The jacket of fleece or Polartec 1
Pants fleece or Polartec 1
Thermal underwear 2
Socks Minimum quantity: 3 pairs
Beanie warm Beanie without visor tightly covering the ears, with the possibility of dressing under a helmet. 1
Balaclava https://www.bergzeit.co.uk/buff-balaclava-merino-wool-buff-denim/ 1
Gloves fleece or Polartec 1
Gloves https://www.bergzeit.co.uk/outdoor-research-highcamp-glove-black-s/ 1
Gaiter https://www.bergzeit.co.uk/outdoor-research-verglas-gaiters-abyss-abyss-s/ 1
Glasses https://www.bergzeit.co.uk/alpina-sibiria-glacier-eyewear-white-green-green-mirror/ 1
Helmet https://www.bergzeit.co.uk/petzl-elios-climbing-helmet-gelb-1/ 1
Harness https://www.bergzeit.co.uk/petzl-tour-hochtourengurt-s-m/ 1
Ice-axe https://www.bergzeit.co.uk/grivel-g1-ice-axe-58cm/

Long 55- 70 см

Crampons https://www.bergzeit.co.uk/grivel-g10-wide-new-matic-001/

Attaching Crampons should be compatible with shoes.

Icescrew https://www.bergzeit.co.uk/petzl-laser-speed-light-ice-screw-10cm/  17-21 см 1
Ascender https://www.petzl.com/INT/en/Sport/Ascenders/TIBLOC#.WCrBg1OfdjY 2
Belay device https://www.bergzeit.co.uk/petzl-reverso-4-belay-device-apfelgruen/ 1
Carabiner https://www.petzl.com/INT/en/Sport/Carabiners-and-quickdraws/Am-D#.WCrB_lOfdjY 5
The Cord 6мм https://www.bergzeit.co.uk/tendon-cord-005/ 6мм 12 m
Sleeping Bag comfort temperature-12 С 1
Sleeping Pad Possible overnight on the ice

. https://www.bergzeit.co.uk/therm-a-rest-prolite-plus-sleeping-pad-small/

Tableware Mug,deep plate (light unbreakable material),spoon,small knife.
Thermos 1.0 L https://www.bergzeit.co.uk/salewa-thermo-lite-thermos-1-0-l-cool-grey/ 1
Headlamp https://www.bergzeit.co.uk/petzl-tikka-xp-headlamp-schwarz/ 1
Backpack A volume of 60 liters



In the description reference is made to specific models, you can choose things to your taste, it is important to have the same characteristics as the samples.

Expedition to the Fedchenko glacier.


High-altitude trekking, a large part of the route passes above 4000 meters.

Definitely the climbing techniques and equipment (link on the right things).

Duration of Dushanbe in Dushanbe 23 days.

Date in 2017. 3.09 — 25.09.

Automobile part.

Pictures is here.
Car part of the way. The main points
Car part of the way. The main points

A car trip(road А384,R44,M41) runs through Kulob Kalai-Khumb, Rushan, and then to the top of the Bartang river to the village of Pachora. The way back to Dushanbe through the valley of river Vanj. The road is very challenging and interesting. Includes visits to historical and natural monuments located along the way. Possible option only on the road, M41. The Toyota «Land Cruiser», «Hilux».

The pedestrian part.

19 days.

Pictures is here.
The pedestrian part. Camp on the route
The pedestrian part. Camp on the route

The pedestrian part of the route starts in Bartang, it is the most remote valley of the Pamirs. Held by the largest glacier, Fedchenko and Musculak (Grum-Grzhimailo), in the way you will see the peaks Somoni (Communism) and Garmo, then visit the weather station «Fedchenko» . The route ends in the valley of river Vanj.

Date. Days.on the route. Description. Overnight,

No. camps (C №) altitude camps.

3.09.17. 1. Dushanbe-Kalai-Khumb. Overnight in Kalai-Khumb. 1260m.
4.09.17. 2. Kalai-Khumb -Basit. Overnight in Basit. 2349m.
5.09.17. 3. Basit— Pasor camp-C 1(hereinafter, all the nights in a tent camp).3030m.


6.09.17. 4. Pasor -river valley Havrazdara C 2. 3408m.
7.09.17. 5. river valley Havrazdara C 3. 3814m.
8.09.17. 6. Lake  Havraz C 4. 4013m.
9.09.17. 7. Glacier  «Cold wall» C 5. 4395m.
10.09.17. 8. Glacier «Cold wall» -pass «Cold»(Holodny) 4565 glacier «Grum Grzhimailo» C 6. 4402m.
11.09.17. 9. Glacier «Grum Grzhimailo» C 7. 4000m.
12.09.17. 10. Glacier «Grum Grzhimailo»,Tanymas Rivers. C 8. 3686m.
13.09.17. 11. Reserve day. Reserve days needed for the preparation of the group prior to technically difficult sections of the route, rest and in case of bad weather. C 8. 3686m.
14.09.17. 12. Glacier Tanymas 2. Crossing the river Tanymas. C 9. 3894m.
15.09.17. 13. Glacier Tanymas 3. C 10. 4321m.
16.09.17. 14. Pass   Tanymas 4529. C 11. 4529m.
17.09.17. 15. Pass   Tanymas .  The Fedchenko Glacier. C 12. 4299m.
18.09.17. 16. The Fedchenko Glacier. Hydro-meteorological station Fedchenko C 13. 4217m.
19.09.17. 17. Reserve day. Reserve days needed for the preparation of the group prior to technically difficult sections of the route, rest and in case of bad weather. C 13. 4217m.
20.09.17. 18. Hydro-meteorological station Fedchenko  pass Kasal ayak 4466. C 14. 4080m.
21.09.17. 19. pass Kashal ayak . The Glacier Of The Russian Geographic Society (RGO). C 15. 3406m.
22.09.17. 20. The Glacier Of The Russian Geographic Society (RGO). River Abdukagor. C 16. 2628m.
23.09.17. 21. Reserve day. Reserve days needed for the preparation of the group prior to technically difficult sections of the route, rest and in case of bad weather. C 17
24.09.17. 22. Crossing the river Abdukagor .The Village Poimazor. Vanch. Overnight in Vanjch.
25.90.17. 23. Vanch .Dushanbe.

Requirements for tourists.

Absence of medical contra-indications to occupations by mountain sports and high-altitude mountaineering. Age limit — not below the age of 20. Good physical preparation. The availability of the necessary equipment. Personal items bedding and personal gear of the tourists themselves.

The staff on the route.

Guide. Allows the passage of the route and the safety of tourists.

Assistant guide. The safety of tourists.

Porters. Carrying food, fuel and equipment for intermediate camps.

The equipment group.

The guides have the necessary safety equipment to ensure the safety of the group during the passage of glaciers and difficult parts of the route.

Intermediate camp, overnight on the route.

Accommodation in tents for 2 person.

Food on the mountain part of the route.

Food along the route consists of the products do not require cooking. Every tourist for Breakfast lunch and dinner will be provided one liter of boiling water ,in which it will be able to cook any dish from a set of products.

Position. assortment
1 warm drink Tea in assortment. Coffee natural soluble. The dry milk.
2 Quick-cooking porridge Oat cereal «BYSTROV».
3 Sweet Alpen Gold «Milk chocolate», honey, halva, jam.
4 Bread products. Tajik flatbread, crackers, wafers, cookies.
5 Cheese products. Hard cheese, processed cheese.


6 Meat products. Bacon, smoked bacon, smoked sausages, sausages.
7 Fish. Dried fish, anchovies.
8 Soups. Soup of fast preparation.
9 The garnishes. Rice, buckwheat, mashed potatoes, noodles.
10 Vegetables. Onion, garlic.
11 Dry fruits dried apricots; raisins; prunes; dates; peanuts; walnut.
12 Other Salt, spices, lemons, tomato paste, ketchup.