School of rock climbing

Dear fellow citizens and guests of Tajikistan. Public organization ««Republican Mountain-Sports Club «Akhba»» «» presents a new project. «School of rock climbingThe essence of it is to offer the tourist market of Tajikistan new productclimbing routes, with pre-points and intermediate points of insurance.. As we previously reported (19 km Climbing wall «Renovation» and Mirror. New camp, new routes), in Varzob gorge (near Dushanbe) by foreign experts, and with the participation of members of our club prepared 5 climbing areas. We want to offer you, depending on your experience, any option, from full support to your chosen route, including equipment hire, to a simple consultation. And of course, no one can stop you, if you have enough skill to use these routes independently.

So , Rahim, Roma, and Maryam offers the following programs in principle from the simple to the complex:

rock Mirror
rock Mirror 38°42’30.37″N 68°47’59.93″E
Rock bottom mirror
Rock bottom mirror 38°42’33.32″N 68°47’40.43″E
19 km Varzob
19 km Varzob 38°43’28.17″N 68°47’23.92″E






53 ал Варзоб1

1.Dependance Day 1.Ahba ScoobyDoo Juno (2) ScoobyDoo (2) Sandstand1 Sandstand Pillar1 Pillar Juno Dependance Day1 Dependance Day1EasyPeacy2EasyPeacy3.Dependance Day9.Mizhgon

alplager varzob
alplager varzob 38°58’29.51″N 68°46’3.08″E


3 Topo_NiceTryTryHarder_Sioma
3 Topo_NiceTryTryHarder_Sioma 38°57’57.88″N 68°43’14.15″E









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