The route to the Fedchenko glacier.Equipment for means of tracking and climbing.

Equipment  for means of tracking and climbing.

Name. Description. Right quantity.
Shoes. Pair
Sandals for crossing the river. 1
Jacket warm. 1
Jacket storm. Size storm jacket should be such that it can be worn over a warm jacket(2)

Storm pants 1
The jacket of fleece or Polartec 1
Pants fleece or Polartec 1
Thermal underwear 2
Socks Minimum quantity: 3 pairs
Beanie warm Beanie without visor tightly covering the ears, with the possibility of dressing under a helmet. 1
Balaclava 1
Gloves fleece or Polartec 1
Gloves 1
Gaiter 1
Glasses 1
Helmet 1
Harness 1

Long 55- 70 см


Attaching Crampons should be compatible with shoes.

Icescrew  17-21 см 1
Ascender 2
Belay device 1
Carabiner 5
The Cord 6мм 6мм 12 m
Sleeping Bag comfort temperature-12 С 1
Sleeping Pad Possible overnight on the ice


Tableware Mug,deep plate (light unbreakable material),spoon,small knife.
Thermos 1.0 L 1
Headlamp 1
Backpack A volume of 60 liters


In the description reference is made to specific models, you can choose things to your taste, it is important to have the same characteristics as the samples.

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